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"stay positive, work hard and of course play hard."

Lately I've been busy with school work, catching up with old friends, training in the gym, and enjoying my own time.


As you guys can tell that I'm always an optimist, my friend told me once that“you are always happy!!!" Well, what I replied was“yes, is there a problem of being simply happy? And plus, I have bad times too. You just don't know about them."


Everyone has different sides, they show different sides of themselves when they encounter different people.

You talk differently with your boyfriend than best friend. You won't tell your dad that much about your current relationship while you tell all the details to your closest friend. What I learned is that you need to know how to deal with different kinds of people. Know-how is the key. The interpersonal skills really matter in both your current life and the future. In a book I'm reading this week, it mentioned that what makes a business success not only depends on the owner's ability but also on his/her personality. This statement shocked me at the very first glance, but I turned out to accept this conclusion. After a through thinking, I realize that a good personality is what will lead you to go further in your life. Not just make friends and find boyfriend/girlfriend, this kind of personality thing will let you garner the self-fulfillment and self-condidence. When I look around all friends around me, it is the girl named Eli who owns the best personality, she never makes me feel mad and I believe that she rarely makes anyone angry. 


Knowing how to control your emotion is a vital subject and object for everyone of us. I'm always improving this skill, trying to be more emotion-intelligent and always stay positive no matter what unsatisfying things happened. 

Enjoy yourself a wonderful friday and the coming weekend!

Photos by: Chad Ordona


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4:45AM 日记





这周我正在读的一本书里面提到“一个企业的成功与否不仅取决于企业主的实际能力,更决定于他/她的性格。” 最开始这句话让我我感到有点意外,后来仔细想想后发现挺对的,因为好的性格是可以带你走得更远的。不仅仅是局限于交朋友、找男/女朋友,拥有好的性格使你能够得到自我满足感以及获取自信心。当我环顾自己身边的所有朋友,唯一没有什么缺点的是我的加拿大好朋友Eli。马上25岁的她应该是最会 "做人" 的,也一直是我学习的榜样。每次见到她,她总是用大大的笑容迎接你;跟你谈话也总是看着你的眼睛,特别真诚;你告诉她任何事情她也总是很认真地回复你,最大程度给予你帮助。她显然知道如何聊天和为人处世。而且,她做事的认真劲也是我很喜欢她的原因。总之,她从来没有让我生气过。如果一个人让我很难生气,那说明他/她的性格肯定很棒。



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